TAKE ACTION: Tell McDonalds to Stop Paying for Jokes about Childhood Sex Abuse

This season, McDonald’s is back to being a repeat sponsor of disgusting Family Guy jokes about rape, pedophilia, and sexual perversion:

The McDonald’s brand is suffering. Sales have fallen considerably. There’s a lack of trust and that impacts consumer loyalty. Is it any wonder that this once-trusted family brand is losing customers – especially families – when they are paying for content like this?

In an effort to save the struggling brand, McDonald’s new CMO, Deborah Wahl promised to listen to consumers, and move from a philosophy of “billions served” to “billions heard.”

McDonalds Needs To Hear From You!

Take action below to tell Deborah Wahl and McDonald’s that child sex abuse is no laughing matter.

Please be sure to forward this opportunity to friends and family so their voices are also heard!

In addition, you can contact McDonalds at:

McDonald's Corporation,
2111 McDonald's Dr.,
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Deborah.Wahl@us.mcd.com or Deborah.Wahl@mcd.com

Consumer Relations  1 (800) 244-6227

Website:  http://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en/contact_us/marketing_advertising/marketing_advertising.html