Tell Verizon to stop sponsoring shows that sexualize children

Verizon sells millions of cell phones to families across the world, yet it also sponsors a so-called "family" TV Show called The Mick, which sexualizes children,  promotes foul language and includes other content inappropriate for children.

Tell Verizon to stop sponsoring this type of content, especially when it comes from the mouths of child actors, and is on a so-called "family" show, which many children may be watching.

Together, you and thousands of families across America can help:

  • Convince Verizon that their advertising policy is influencing our children by sponsoring The Mick.
  • Make Verizon realize that their company is jeopardizing its hard-earned corporate image by associating with The Mick.
  • Persuade Verizon to reconsider their support for The Mick.

Please take action now and submit a personalized letter below!