Stop T-Mobile from sponsoring sexualized content of “The Mick"

T-Mobile sells millions of cell phones to families across the world, while at the same time, is sponsoring a so-called "family" TV Show called The Mick, which features teenage characters smoking, drinking, swearing, and having sex.

TAKE ACTION BELOW and tell T-Mobile to stop sponsoring this sexualization of children on a so-called "family" show.

Together, you and thousands of families across America can help:

- Convince T-Mobile that their advertising policy is influencing our children by sponsoring The Mick.
- Make T-Mobile realize that their company is jeopardizing its hard-earned corporate image by associating with The Mick.
- Persuade T-Mobile to reconsider their support for The Mick.

Please take action below and submit a personalized letter directly to T-Mobile!